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Paint Your Own Pottery

How It Works:

Pick something out of our many pottery options, pick out some brushes and paint, and have a seat. Our staff will be happy to show you some of our techniques, and we will walk you through anything.


How we charge is the piece + studio fee. Each piece is marked with a number, and the studio fee is half of that number. The studio fee covers paint, glazing, and firing.

Prices of our pieces range from $6 to $60, with our most popular pieces (mugs, plates, bowls, kids pieces) ranging around $12 to $16. Those prices are for the pieces before the studio fee.

Examples of Pricing

Piece marked $20 + $10 studio fee

Piece marked $11 + $5.50 studio fee


  1. Paint LIGHT to DARK
  2. Paint three solid coats of each color
  3. HAVE FUN!


  • Paints are non-toxic and are not permanent
  • Finished pottery is food safe.
  • We do not recommend putting finished pottery in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven.